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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am proud to welcome you to our thriving school, in particular, a special welcome to those families joining the Pasadena Community for the first time. We expect that you and your children will enjoy all that Pasadena Intermediate School has to offer. The Board is here to make sure that your child receives the highest quality education possible. The Board’s major focus is on strategies for the future of Pasadena Intermediate School. The Board also monitors the school’s progress against current plans and budgets.

The most recent Education Review Office Report ( November 2017) again confirms that Pasadena not only offers the highest quality 21st Century educational programmes, it also provides a safe, secure, inclusive and happy environment for our students. Please contact us via email through either of the links below if you want to discuss the Board’s activities, or, you are more than welcome to attend any of our meetings. The current members of the Board are: Shelly Pathak (Chairperson), Jill Pitches (Deputy Chairperson), Jerome Brown (Staff Trustee), Richard Green, Tipene Lemon, Stacey Morrison and Jonathan Hughes (Principal).

Finally, we are constantly reviewing our communication processes with our families to make improvements as necessary. We invite you to keep in touch with all school activities and involve yourselves more closely with one or two if you can. Newsletters are published five times a term and are packed with information! They are also available for reading via the school app and on our Website. I look forward to seeing you at Pasadena Intermediate School.

Nick Allan

Presiding Member