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Overseas Trips 2024


This eco-adventure trip will provide an opportunity for a small group of students to take social action and connect with local schools in Vanuatu. Students will explore the islands learning more about Vanuatu’s biodiversity, sustainability initiatives and wildlife. Activities include:

  • Overnight stay at Hideaway Island Marine Reserve
  • Ziplining through the jungle over canyons and waterfalls
  • Coongoola Day trip- visit a turtle sanctuary, snorkel and swim on the waterways
  • A jungle walk to Mele Cascades Waterfall
  • Visit Ekasup Village to learn more about Vanuatuan culture
  • Connecting with two local schools

The trip will take place in August 2024.


Pasadena Intermediate and Nagisa Hiroshima Junior High School have been involved in annual student exchanges for 25 years. Past exchanges have proved to be fantastic learning experiences for the students who have participated, many making lifelong friends. Students on this exchange will stay in a hotel during a stopover in Tokyo and will be hosted by a Japanese student’s family in Hiroshima, having the opportunity to genuinely experience Japanese culture and hospitality. Later in the year, Pasadena will host students from Nagisa Hiroshima Senior and Junior High School where they will experience a similar exchange here, staying with our students. Activities include:

  • Tokyo for 2 nights where we go to Disneyland and Tokyo Tower
  • Exchange with Nagisa Junior High School in Hiroshima where students stay with their host family. During this stay they will attend their host student’s class and participate in PE, Music, Science, Art, Maths and English lessons, attend Japanese classes such as Flower Arranging and participate in excursions to places of interest in the region of Hiroshima

The Japan Cultural Exchange will take place in June/July 2024.