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Uniforms and stationery boxes can be purchased from the School Office.

In consultation with students, whānau, and the community Pasadena Intermediate is a uniform wearing school. Our current unisex uniform was designed with input from our students to be comfortable and functional.

Students are expected to take a pride in their appearance and to wear the correct uniform items every day, which should be clearly named. We seek the full co-operation of all parents and students with regards to the following information. If for some reason, a student is unable to wear the correct uniform, they should bring a signed note from their parent or caregiver to our Deputy Principal, Mary Pretorius, who will give them a uniform pass or they will be lent the correct item for the day.


  • Clothing should be clearly named
  • Named items can be identified and returned to their owners
  • Unnamed items will be taken to the Lost Property which is located in the Office
  • Students need to take responsibility for their uniform and not leave items such as jackets and jumpers lying around
  • Bare feet are not permitted for Health and Safety reasons
  • Non-uniform jackets, sweatshirts or hoodies are not permitted


  • School Polo Shirt
  • School Navy Shorts
  • White or Black Socks
  • Pasadena Hoodie


  • Pasadena Rain Jacket
  • Fitted plain black or navy long-sleeved top and pants can be worn underneath the school uniform
  • Pasadena Beanie


  • Shoes and laces must be black
  • In summer, students can wear black sandals that have a back strap
  • Students must wear closed-toe shoes during Art, Food & Nutrition, and Technology classes


  • PE Sports T-Shirt
  • PE Sports Shorts
  • Sneakers


  • In Terms 1 and 4 students must wear a Pasadena cap or bucket hat
  • In winter, students can wear a school beanie


  • For Health and Safety reasons, jewellery needs to be subtle:
    Small studs or sleepers
  • One thin necklace
  • One plain ring
  • One bangle or bracelet
  • A taonga or cultural necklace


  • A natural look foundation is acceptable
  • Nailpolish is acceptable
  • Students should not have acrylic, shellac or french tip type enhancements that are excessively long due to Health & Safety reasons
  • Lipstick and eye make-up are not permitted

Price List can be found here.