Wellbeing and Covid19

As we return from lockdown and remote learning it’s important to be kind to yourself and try and not add additional pressure to an already challenging situation. Your wellbeing and that of your whānau is important as everyone adapts to this new situation.  All of us will be experiencing a level of worry during these uncertain times and it is normal for children to experience a range of feelings. Children often show signs of struggle through their behaviour and again this is normal and expected. 


To support the wellbeing of our students and community, we hope you find these resources helpful in providing information, understanding and positive coping strategies.


Our school counsellor, Rebecca, is available to support students via Google Meets or in person on Wednesday and Thursday and can be contacted on wellbeing@pasadena.school.nz.  She is also able to support parents and whānau with their young person on the phone or Google Meets.  Please also get in touch with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns about their wellbeing.


This guide from the Ministry of Education is around supporting children while they are learning from home and the connection between your wellbeing and theirs. Click here to view


Practical Strategies for Parents to support their child returning to school. Click here to view.


The guide from the Ministry of Education supports adults to have conversations about COVID-19 with children and young people. It contains activities and resources to support children and young people to develop resiliency skills in a time of stress and disruption. Click here to view.


Sparklers at Home – fun wellbeing activities to support whānau to look after their wellbeing and feel good. Click here to view


Calm free meditations.  Click here to view.


Breathing Exercises in te reo Māori.  Click here to view.


Real time resilience – Coping with coronavirus.  Click here to view.


How to help kids feel calm.  Click here to view the article.


Just a Thought – online course where you can learn to manage your thoughts and feelings to better support your wellbeing.  Click here to view.


All Right Campaign -Getting through together.  Click here to view.


Returning to School Safely


Layers of protection (Siouxsie/Toby)


Unite against COVID 19: protecting yourself and others – available in multiple languages


COVID info in Samoan: Coconut TV


COVID and Pacific children wellbeing: Moana and Pacific experts 


Siouxsie and Toby: Why you should wear a mask



Te Reo



Jin Russell: How to protect our kids


Kidshealth: How to protect yourself and others against COVID


Kidshealth: coping with anxiety around COVID


Kidshealth: Anxiety


Ngā Manu Āwhina:Strategies for wellbeing


Health Navigator: Looking after your child’s mental health


Reassuring children and young people about COVID


Child in Mind: What do we know about child anxiety


Mentally healthy schools: Reframing negative thoughts 

Kidshealth: coping with anxiety around COVID


Raising children website: wearing masks children and teenagers


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