Positive Behaviour for Learning(PB4L)

Positive Behaviour for Learning initiatives help parents, whānau, teachers and schools address problem behaviour, improve children’s well-being, and increase educational achievement.
By strengthening relationships and creating more positive home and school environments, we remove barriers to engagement and improve students’ chances to achieve at school and beyond.

Pasadena Intermediate PB4L Purpose Statement
The purpose of PB4L-School Wide in Pasadena Intermediate is to create a safe and supportive environment which nurtures students allowing them to achieve personal excellence.


At Pasadena Intermediate:
Proud – We are proud, and show respect for ourselves, each other and our school.
Active – We are active in our learning and our communities.
Safe – We are safe in what we do and the choices we make.
Achievers – We are achievers who aim high and work towards our goals.

How can we display our PASA Values?
Showing pride in class work
Taking pride in our school during Central Zone sports
Taking pride in our culture
Picking up rubbish, lost property
Making someone else feel proud – giving positive feedback
Taking care of sports equipment/classroom equipment

Taking part in sports/extra-curricular activities
Actively participating in activities
Contributing to discussions
Showing kindness
Including others
Following instructions by any staff member

Being helpful to others
Displaying responsibility
Make sensible decisions
Reporting problems
Supporting others in difficult situations – mental and physical
Sportsmanship at Central Zone sports days

Achieving or improving in any area of school life
Putting in extra effort
Finishing unfinished work in on time
Improving academic results
Helping others achieve
Owning behaviour and choices made
Facing challenges/trying something new
Using initiative to solve problems
Showing resilience

Tokens are given out when students have displayed a PASA value in the classroom or out in the playground. Each coloured token relates a value – PROUD – blue, ACTIVE – green, SAFE – red and ACHIEVER – yellow/gold.

When a student receives a token, they will put it into their class token jar. Once this jar is full, the class will receive a class reward during one class block. Students are to help choose this reward.

Once a class jar has been filled, it will be emptied into the PASA token jars in the office. Once one of these jars have been filled, there will be a whole school reward. This will be communicated to staff, students and whānau when reached.