Hello, my name is Ally Lee. This is my fourth year teaching at Pasadena Intermediate and what an incredible community to be a part of. I work part-time and cover Teacher Release over the school. Supporting learners in a way to help them feel successful and proud of their learning achievements is something that I feel strongly about. I believe that all students make connections to their learning very differently, and that ubiquitous learning (learning anytime and anywhere) is really important for our 21st-century students. I really enjoy working and being a part of this wonderful community at Pasadena Intermediate.


Education Review Office (ERO) Report

December 2017

The Education Review Office gave Pasadena Intermediate School an outstanding report following its most recent assessment visit. It noted that School data shows students achieving well in National Standards.

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Jonathan Hughes

Students at Pasadena always come first. In our learning environment students will learn, grow and develop socially, intellectually and culturally over the two years they are with us. We pride ourselves on providing an innovative and holistic education where personal excellence is achieved.

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