The Future

Education serves society by preparing our children to be successful and contributing citizens.
Research is telling us that their future is going to be different.
Our children can expect – ‘Not to have a job but to do jobs that need doing – to be involved in a variety of job patterns.’ ‘To have at least 3 or 4 different occupations in their lifetime.’ ’To be involved in jobs/careers that currently do not exist.’ ‘To live in diverse communities and complex societies.’ ‘To be involved in formal education throughout their lifetime.’
UNESCO identifies the five competencies for the 21st Century as – learning; citizenship; relating to people; managing situations; managing information.
By our own initiative and as part of a Ministry of Education funded pilot project, ‘Learning Pathways,’ Pasadena Intermediate School has researched, developed and is successfully implementing a 21st Century Curriculum.

ERO Evaluation of our Inquiry Learning Curriculum Delivery

Education Review Office Report, 2015
Pasadena Intermediate School focuses on equipping students with skills and competencies to be confident, life-long learners. Students learn in a respectful and caring environment in which they take responsibility for themselves and their learning. Students benefit from the individualised, inquiry approach to learning. The school is well led and governed.

A Quality School

Pasadena Intermediate School provides:
  • A focus on children and their learning.
  • A School Community: Children, Parents, Staff, BoT, Friends.
  • A safe social, intellectual and physical environment.
  • High quality facilities and resources.
  • Emphasis on mastery in numeracy and literacy.
  • Future orientated, 21st Century Curriculum.
  • The Arts, The Sciences, Healthy Living.
  • Opportunity and resources for Extension and Remediation.
  • Committed, skilled and supported staff.
  • Detailed and efficient planning and management.

21st Century Citizens

In the 21st century, students will need to be –
Adaptable Thinkers – Students who are ready to accept and move with change, and apply learning confidently and successfully to new and different situations.
Effective Collaborators – Students who have the skills to work effectively with diverse individuals and groups to solve problems.
Self Directed and Reflective Learners – Students who are able to work independently and reflectively.
Competent Thinkers – Students who are able to make reasoned decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information.
Effective Communicators – Students who are able to convey their ideas to  others in a variety of ways.
Competent Users of Technology – Students who are able to use technology to access, manipulate, publish and present ideas.

Education Review Office (ERO) Report

December 2017
The Education Review Office gave Pasadena Intermediate School an outstanding report following its most recent assessment visit. It noted that School data shows students achieving well in National Standards….

Jonathan Hughes

Students at Pasadena always come first. In our learning environment students will learn, grow and develop socially, intellectually and culturally over the two years they are with us. We pride ourselves on providing an innovative and holistic education where personal excellence is achieved.