Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

EOTC programmes provide students with access to hands-on experiences that are not available inside the classroom. They offer unique and stimulating learning opportunities that support your child’s learning and achievement.  Out of the classroom learning experiences provide students with a range of contexts to develop the key competencies, explore their values and the values of others, and apply learning across the curriculum.

Pasadena Intermediate’s EOTC management policy and procedures are robust and effective. We also ensure effective learning and teaching practices are in place to maximise learning and safety outcomes for students.

Over students’ two years at Intermediate they have the opportunity to participate in a range of EOTC activities, such as:

  • A multi-day Camp
  • Adventure Based Learning
  • High Ropes
  • Raft Building
  • Disc Golf
  • Orienteering
  • Amazing Race
  • Duathlon
  • St John’s First Aid Training
There are many occasions when students will leave the school campus for EOTC, some of these will be in the local area while others are further afield e.g. trips, sports tournaments, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, productions, competitions, school exchanges, arts performances, visits, community activities etc.
Parents/Caregivers will be informed in advance and in writing of the impending outing beyond the local area, including the details and any cost that may be involved. Parents/Caregivers will be asked to sign and return to school a Consent Form. Permission for trips in the local area is provided through our enrolment form.
There is an expectation that students will take responsibility for their own learning and for their safety and that of others.
Students may not leave the school grounds for an activity without the signed consent of a parent/caregiver.

EOTC Student Contract

I understand that EOTC events are opportunities for me to learn and practice skills, and for me to gain attitudes and values in an environment outside the classroom. These events include:

Trips in the local area, such as to the Pt Chevalier Library, Auckland Zoo, Western Springs Lakeside Park, MOTAT, Western Springs Stadium, Western Springs College, and local primary schools.

Trips for school sports or cultural activities, such as Central Zones, Swimming Sports, Duathlon, Cross Country, and Athletic Sports; Pasifika, Kapa Haka, Roadshow.

 I realise that during these events I am required to take responsibility for my own learning and for the safety of myself and that of others.

I agree to do the following to make this happen:

  • Abide by the expectations described in the Pasadena Intermediate School Code.
  • Show courtesy and consideration to others at all times;
  • Follow the rules and instructions of staff, volunteer helpers and other supervisors at the event.
  • Take part in all activities within challenge-by-choice options;
  • Look after myself and my personal belongings;
  • Declare medical conditions that could affect my participation in the event;
  • Accept the rules set by the school and the venue for the event, even if they are different from what is accepted at home.

I understand that my parents/caregivers will be contacted and I may be sent home at their expense if:

  • My actions are considered unacceptable by staff;
  • I breach school policies, regulations and procedures;
  • My actions put me or others in any danger

By ticking ‘yes’ on the enrolment form I acknowledge that I have read and discussed with my parents, the Student Day Trip Contract and agree to follow the guidelines and meet the conditions.

Education Review Office (ERO) Report

December 2017
The Education Review Office gave Pasadena Intermediate School an outstanding report following its most recent assessment visit. It noted that School data shows students achieving well in National Standards….

Jonathan Hughes

Students at Pasadena always come first. In our learning environment students will learn, grow and develop socially, intellectually and culturally over the two years they are with us. We pride ourselves on providing an innovative and holistic education where personal excellence is achieved.