Hiroshima Exchange


This Page is designed as a brief introduction for those Pasadena Intermediate students intending to apply for
selection for the Nagisa, Hiroshima Senior and Junior Highh School Exchange in May.

The Exchange has proved to be an outstanding learning experience for the students who have participated, however,
the album is not intended to sell the idea of the Exchange to you, nor is it designed to put doubt in your mind
so that you may not apply. The page and the Information Album, available from the School Office, are intended to
give you and your family a very brief impression of what is involved in the trip and what you may expect.

The experience will be different – it will not be like a holiday with family on the Coromandel, or relatives up
North, or in Fiji, Samoa or Australia! You will not be travelling with your family, you will be visiting two
Asian countries with customs very different from ours, you will experience climates very different from ours;
you will be going from autumn into summer; you will attend school in a country that is very crowded, where very
few people speak English, where the food is quite different; you will experience at first hand the way of life
in Japan and the hospitality of the Japanese people; you will see and experience sights, sounds, smells and
activities that are different and new to you; you will have opportunity to shop in duty free Singapore; by the
end of the trip you will have crossed the equator twice, travelled by 777 aircraft, bus, tram, taxi, ‘bullet
train’ and underground train; for 17 days you will live, work, cooperate with, depend on and share with nineteen
other Pasadena students ………..…

It is expected students who participate in the exchange will –


Come to know and better understand the people of Japan and themselves

Be stimulated and challenged by the experience

Learn and practise skills they will need in later life

Contribute to the success of the Exchange for Pasadena Intermediate School, Hiroshima High School and all the
students involved.

During the 1990s Pasadena Intermediate School developed relationships with Japanese schools and communities. The
first of these was with the Nohkai Centre Company, a total of forty eight Pasadena students have attended their
sponsored and operated Junior Summit Camp at Ushimado.

In recent years a number of Pasadena Intermediate students have been selected to represent Auckland City at the
annual Students’ Convention in Fukuoka, Auckland’s sister city, in Japan.

In 1994, The Nohkai Centre Company (now called Tierra Inc.), introduced Pasadena Intermediate to Hiroshima High School and in July of that year, Pasadena hosted
twenty-eight students from Hiroshima High School for a day.

Following meetings and discussions, formal student exchanges between the two schools were commenced in 1995. To
date, a total of 320 Pasadena Intermediate School students have participated in the programme.

Hiroshima High School has changed it’s name to Nagisa, Hiroshima Senior and Junior High School.

In 2003 The Exchange was cancelled because of SARS. In 2009 The Exchange was rescheduled to October because of
Swine Flu.


Pasadena travels to Japan in May.

Fly to and from Hiroshima on Singapore Airlines via Singapore.

Day flights Auckland-Singapore and Hiroshima (Fukuoka) – Singapore. Night flights Singapore-Hiroshima (Fukuoka)
and Singapore-Auckland.

95 min Shinkansen (Bullet Train) between Fukuoka and Hiroshima.

1 night and 1 day stopover in Singapore outbound and 2 nights and 1 day inbound.

In Singapore, stay in the Peninsula/ Excelsior Hotel. Twin rooms.


Nagisa, Hiroshima Senior and Junior High School is a private school that is part of a larger educational
group that includes …

An Institute of Technology (University)

A polytech

2 high schools

A junior high school

An elementary school

2 outdoor education/camp venues

Nagisa, Hiroshima Senior High School and Nagisa, Hiroshima Junior High School share the same campus, facilities
and staff. In 2008, both schools moved to a brand new campus near their recently opened elementary school.

While attending Nagisa, Hiroshima Senior and Junior High School, Pasadena Intermediate School students follow the
same routines as their hosts – early rise, travel to school by bus, train or tram. Nagisa Hiroshima High School
and Junior HIgh School have Saturday morning school!!

The school is in four main 3 storey blocks, one for the high school, one for the junior high school, one for
specialist rooms and studios and one for administration. There is a grass multi purpose playing field. The
school also has a gym/hall, library and cafeteria. The school is also able to use some facilities at the
neighbouring Institute of Technology.

Pasadena students are assigned to classes in the Junior High School.




In Hiroshima, Pasadena students homestay with a Japanese family.

At least one of the adults in the family will speak some English and the homestay brother/sister will also speak

Homestay families often combine for fun activities and trips in the weekends.

Life in a Japanese home with Japanese people is different, – the food is different, some of the family roles are
different, the family timetable is different. However the Japanese people are very caring, very kind, very
generous and they have made Pasadena students on exchange extremely welcome.

In the past, students on
exchange have been taken –

to a variety of traditional Japanese, and American fast food restaurants

to fun parks

to museums and historic places

for rides on the Shinkansen (bullet train)

to places of interest in and around Hiroshima

to places of interest in other prefectures


to professional baseball games

In the past, students on exchange have participated –

Family celebrations

Birthday parties

Although they do more homework than NZ school students of the same age, and attend out of school hours
classes, you will also find your new Japanese classmates and ‘brothers and sisters’ like doing many of the
things you like doing!

For most who have accepted the challenge of the Nagisa,Hiroshima Senior and Junior High School Exchange, the
hardest part was the first weekend of homestay and the worst part was leaving their homestay family at the end
of the exchange.



Pasadena students attend Nagisa, Hiroshima Senior and Junior High School, with their homestay brother/
sister each school day.

In the mornings they have lessons and activities in their Japanese homeroom and in the Pasadena Room.

Pasadena students complete a ‘Learning Task’ about living in Japan and a ‘Portfolio’.

In the afternoons they are taken on excursions and have special activities.



To learn about Japan, the Japanese way of life and the city and prefecture of Hiroshima, students on the Exchange
go on a number excursions –
Students from the High School, often acts as guides on these excursions.




Atomic Bomb Dome

Peace Memorial Park

Peace Memorial Museum

Peace Monument

Miyajima Shrine

Hiroshima Castle

The Elementary School

Mazda Motor Company

On arrival in Hiroshima, Pasadena students are welcomed at a luncheon and on the first day of school at a special

At the end of the Exchange, there is a farewell party with homestay families and a farewell assembly.

A cultural sharing time, flower arrangement, calligraphy and a kendo lesson are usually part of the programme.

Pasadena students participate in after school activities with their homestay brothers/sisters and classmates.


The Exchange starts with, and ends with stopovers in Singapore.

Sightseeing activities in Singapore include –



Singapore River Cruise

Sentosa Island

Singapore Zoo

MRT Tour

‘Wet and Wild’


Nagisa students travel to NZ in July for a similar Exchange.

In most cases they homestay with the Pasadena Students from our Exchange.

They attend Pasadena with their homestay brother/ sister each school day. Lessons in the morning, excursions and
activities in the afternoon.

The progamme also includes welcome and farewell assemblies, a farewell party with the Exchangers and weekend
activities with their homestays.


20 students, both Year 7 and 8 with an equal mix of boys and girls are selected each year.

All students are eligible to apply for selection, but will be limited to one trip to Japan during their time at
Pasadena Intermediate School.

Students will need their own passport and parents/caregivers will need to meet the costs of air travel,
insurance, departure taxes and accommodation in Singapore.

Students will also need to provide a medical certificate indicating they have no illnesses or conditions that
could cause them distress or difficulty while participating in the Exchange.

The selection committee for the Exchange and the Junior Summit Camp, the Principal, the Deputy Principal, the
Assistant Principal and at least one teacher who has already visited Japan on one of these activities, will
select the students who, in their view will

Represent their family, school and country well

Benefit from the total experience

Contribute to the quality of the experience of all on the Exchange/at the Camp.

The selection process for the Exchange and the Junior Summit Camp will be the same.

Students who apply for selection will

Complete an Application Form

Prepare a written/pictorial display and make an oral presentation about life in New Zealand and Japan, be
tested on their New Zealand and Japan general knowledge and
be interviewed about their reasons for
wanting to visit Japan and participate in the Exchange/attend the Camp.

Students short listed from the above will participate in a number of group activities before final selection.

Our Unitec / Kansai Gadai University Japanese students assist selected students and their families prepare for
the Exchange. Students who participated in last year’s Exchange will also assist those selected for the Exchange
with their preparations.

Education Review Office (ERO) Report

December 2017

The Education Review Office gave Pasadena Intermediate School an outstanding report following its most recent assessment visit. It noted that School data shows students achieving well in National Standards.

Read the full report


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