Pasadena Fundraising Fiesta

On Friday 10th June 2022, Pasadena Intermediate will be holding a Fundraising Fiesta Event that involves the students taking part in ‘The Great Pasadena Quiz’. This is a sponsored quiz that the students will answer within a fun, interactive and inclusive environment.
With the loss of our main fundraising event (Pasifika parking), our goal for the Fiesta is to raise funds to purchase modern furniture for our new Library that is currently being built as well as additional staffing for enrichment programmes in order to support the learning needs of every student in our school.
We want to make the Fundraising Fiesta event as fun as possible – students can dress up on the day! They might like to try the following ideas: washable hair chalk, face painting, bright wig, different coloured shoes or socks or a bright coloured onesie etc. There will also be food and drinks for sale, music, dancing and a range of spot prizes!
The quiz will be broken down into 10 sections (100 questions in total) and will cover different ‘Knowledge’ type questions (with a ‘mystery’ round included as well.) Each student has received the quiz questions in advance and will work through the answers to these in class and as part of homework.
The sections the students will be quizzed on are:
  • Movies
  • Geography
  • Te Reo Māori
  • Disney
  • Pasadena Intermediate
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • History
  • General Knowledge
  • Mystery Round

Are there prizes?

Absolutely! Every student who gets sponsored will end up with a prize. The amount sponsored will determine the prize the student may select – students could choose a game, science kit, art set or even a Chromebook (please see attached page). For as little as $10 raised, students will receive a prize
There will also be a prize for the most money raised by a class:
  • 1st place – Pizza lunch and movie  
  • 2nd place – movie  

How do I donate?

Sponsor students by giving a donation for completing ‘The Great Pasadena Quiz’. Follow the donation instructions over the page on how to use the ‘Givealittle Page.’ Cash can be received using the sponsorship form, however, we would much prefer you use the Givealittle pages that have been set up. This way no cash needs to be exchanged and we can track which class and students are raising the most money. You could even share the link below or the donation instructions with whānau who are living abroad. Alternatively, if you would like to get sponsors in cash, please record this on the form attached and bring the money to the office. Please note, that individual tally amounts are not published, however, classroom teachers will share these with individual students.

Donation instructions:

You can either use a credit card or internet banking. There is an optional ‘top it up’ function that goes towards covering the Givealittle 5% admin fee.
  • 1. Google ‘givealittle’ and then search Pasadena Intermediate or go to the following:
  • 2. Click on the Room number you wish to sponsor
  • 3. Click donate
  • 4. Type in the student’s name – Please fill this out so we can track each student’s donation.
  • 5. Proceed to payment.
If you have any questions, please contact Christine Abercrombie
Ngā mihi nui